Live-In Care or Assisted Living

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Live-In Care

You have been your Mom or Dad’s personal caregiver for years. You have weathered a tiresome journey you both can’t keep up with. What should you do? Where should you turn to make them as comfortable as possible yet keeping them safe & sound. Do you want them to stay at home in their own environment with a Caregiver, or to go to an Assisted Living Facility? Today there are many choices to search when looking at Assisted Living Facilities and finding the right fit for an aging senior. Be careful because there are many challenges to look at closely when making a decision about what’s best for your loved one.

Assisted Living Facilities require large sums of money upfront in advance (move-in fees, 1st and last month) where choosing a homecare agency requires no money down. Also, they usually have a lot of costly requirements when deciding to move out and transitioning to another setting.

Assisted Living Facilities are a long-term commitment and there is usually no turning back. Whereas Live-In Advantage Home Care is user friendly with no contracts, just a Service Agreement that you can opt out of anytime. 

Assisted Living Facilities are always reassessing their residents to determine if they increase care which results in increased costs to families, and they also have annual increases in fees. Live-In Advantage Home Care charges a flat daily rate for all of a client’s care.

Live-In Advantage Home Care customizes purposeful engagement and socialization activities to each client’s individual needs right at home on their schedule preferences. Assisted Living Facilities will offer generalized programming that may not interest a resident at specific times, so they most likely won’t partake in most activities. 

Live-In Advantage Home Care wants to make sure they have the best matched caregiver for your needs and personality. In Assisted Living Facilities the staff changes shifts 3 times per day and those on staff may not be a good fit for you.

Assisted Living Facilities cannot care for residents that have certain mobility deficits and if your loved one experiences a decline, they require them to move to a more skilled setting. Live-In Advantage can provide care, in most circumstances, until the end of life at home in conjunction with other medical providers.

In Assisted Living Facilities, once your financial resources are depleted, your choices are limited to moving to a medicaid nursing home whether you are ready or not for that setting. Some Assisted Living Facilities have programs, but they are limited and don’t have enough space for all residents that may be in need of financial assistance. 

When living in an Assisted Living Facility your loved one may be exposed to traumatizing behaviors of other residents that are having difficulties. Additionally, during the Covid-19 pandemic there are several staff members, residents and outside family visitors that are exposed to others with Covid-19 positive people. This may lead to facility shut down of family visitors like last year, thus family not being able to visit their loved ones.

Live-In Advantage allows only the family and friends you want coming in and out of your home. We adhere to Covid-19 & the CDC safety guidelines. Our caregivers are also vaccinated.  

Live-In Advantage specializes in caring for clients challenged with Alzheimer’s Disease and care for all other dementia-related illnesses at home. Using Live-In Advantage, our clients are in an environment that they are familiar and comfortable with, so the only change will be getting to know your Caregiver. We have seen many situations that blossom into wonderful friendships.

          “We are not just placing caregivers … we provide lots of value-added factors with our services”.

At Live-In Advantage Home Care, we know who we are sending into your home. Our caregivers undergo a strict screening and hiring process and are provided with on going training. We understand that families depend on our expertise to provide quality care and experiences. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.